Boy to girl transformation game

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Jasmine's New Hijab. Boyfriend Girl Makeover. There is a fun new trend on the internet right now and that is to give your boyfriend a girl makeover. He might disagree at first, but he will surely come around as this is just for laughs, not to mention that you will get to practice your make up skills. So give it a try! First you have to apply a cream on his beard and then shave it.

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Use a cleanser on his face to remove all the impurities from the skin, then a sunscreen protection lotion that will create a protecting shield against the sun's rays. Then you can choose a color for foundation and apply it with a professional sponge. Apply also a concealing cream that will get rid of any imperfections, including the bags under the eyes.

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Define his eyebrows carefully with a pair of tweezers. Now it is time for the make-up part! Apply mascara to make his lashes longer, contact lenses to change the color of his eyes, a colorful lipstick, eye liner, eye shadow and blush. Put a wig on him for a feminine hairstyle and dress him up in something cute and girly. But we know you also want to be part of the fun, so dress yourself up too and then take a photo together!

Boy to girl transformation game

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