Brothel management games

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In Extended Stayyou inherit a brothel located on an isolated island, where people of all races come to satisfy their urges. The brothel is normally known for offering the services of exotic creatures from all corners of the world, but by the time you arrive, it's in a state of disrepair, lacking in staff.

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Your task is to restore the brothel to its former glory by hiring workers and satisfying clients, while also managing the finances, including rent. Every character in the game is randomly generated, with their physical features and personality giving them traits that various clients will look for. There are twelve fantasy races available in the game, including humans, demons, canines, cat people, fish people, bat people, and so on. The game features four genders: male, female, intersex male, or intersex female, and no limits on who can have sex with whom. There are sixteen scenes to see in total.

Extended Stay is a monster-girl brothel management sim where you must keep your guests satisfied to succeed. By satisfying your guests you'll unlock sex scenes and earn money to keep your brothel in business.

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As your brothel grows you'll be able to buy more employees, unlock new races and costumes, and attract wealthier guests. Every Character and guest in Extended Stay is completely randomly generated from breast size to personality and sexual preference. Every employee you hire will fill a unique role in your brothel satisfying specific desires for your guests. As your employees work they'll gain experience and gain a better skill-set to please your guests, they'll also become attracted to other employees you've hired.

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Once an employee gains enough attraction you'll be able to pair two employees together in a sex scene of your choosing. The sex scenes in Extended Stay are fully interactive, putting you in control of the action, using your mouse you can control the speed and motion of all 16 unique sex positions. Extended Stay is now available on Steam and Itch. Keep an eye out for future lewd releases by following us on Twitter.

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Brothel management games

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