Diminishment game

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Work in progress clips, straight from the Maya viewport Plus all rewards. Access to the Essentials tier Discord channel, note that all the content mentioned below will be distributed through said channel! All WIP content. About Eskoz. Read before pledging! This Patreon uses charge up front! This means you will get charged for the full amount immediately upon pledging, and again on the first day of the next month unless you cancel before that of course! You are paying for access toa gallery with all myly released paid content, and for any potential new content that might happen to come out during the month you pledged.

If diminishment game wish to access content from the next month, I advice waiting until at least the 2nd of the month, to avoid any possible issues with getting charged twice due to time zone issues or what not! In general, I do not suggest pledging in hopes of getting future unreleased content, and instead always pledging for already released content, as Diminishment game can't make any promises regarding release dates! All of my content requires Discord to access! If you cannot use Discord, I have a separate on Subscribestar Adult, I highly recommend using that instead of Patreon, if it is an option for you!

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Before you continue further, this contains content that some might find slightly disturbing, or perhaps even depraved. If you find the idea of giant women swallowing or using tiny people as toys repulsive, I suggest turning back.

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With the exception of WIP pictures, all content marked "Patron only" have free versions available on my blog. I'm Eskoz, an animator by trade. I've been animating for a living diminishment game around 6 years or so. For some time now I've wanted to try starting up something that I have a bit more control over, so I wouldn't be quite as dependent on receiving work from other studios, as it can be quite stressful if something new isn't lined up after a project ends, even if usually something does turn up.

Patreon seemed like the obvious option to try out. But that's enough about me. The content you'll be finding here will be similar to my other more recent creations. If you've seen some of my videos, basically more of that. Depending on the interest, there'll also be VR versions made of some videos. New real-time VR content is currently on hold, until high end VR adoption rises, and with it interest. So VR versions will be limited to pre-rendered 3d videos for now at least.

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What do I get for my pledge? The preview tier adds access to preview videos straight from the Maya viewport. These won't have audio in them, and might not have textures either. The essentials tier adds access to all WIP materials and Voting access. This tier also includes p or higher 60 fps versions of all the latest videos.

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I can't add your name without you sending me one, as some people might have their Patreon username be something they don't diminishment game associated with content like this. So this is a one time purchase. I'll keep it in the list, unless you ask me to remove it.

If you're unsure, you can check it with me before going through with a pledge. What kind of polls can I expect? When relevant, you can expect to be able to vote on things like: -Alternate versions of videos, character swaps, different camera angles etc. Do you take requests? Things you will not see here: -"Toilet" related stuff -Graphic gore tearing limbs, excessive blood, melting skin etc. I don't want to completely rule out couple scenarios, if a lot of people want them. Reality can vary a lot, depending on scenario complexity, technical issues, sickness and how much work I need to do on other things like characters, locations, VR etc.

This project has become my job. Estimated equivalent workload of around minutes of animation per month.

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Example: Mia swallows her shrunken friend. Become a patron to Recent posts by Eskoz. How it works. Choose a membership. Add a payment method.

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Diminishment game

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