Games like the forest reddit

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Is there a survival sandbox gsme similar to the forest or will the game even be ported in the switch?

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I'd love a horror survival samdbox to play on the couch or on the go. I'd love to see this game, and Subnautica on Switch. I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

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I'm playing Subnautica right now. I don't think the Switch could handle it. Game is super polished, very scary yet rewarding like the best survival horrors are. It makes you feel vulnerable but you slowly become better equipped and thus able to handle the world. But def one of the scariest games. I would love that game on switch and I have a feeling it is coming, fuck it I'm gonna predict it at the next direct or the one after is.

No use as of right now. But there's one coming out. The survivalists. From the same team that made the escapists. I have been begging and asking for them to port this to the Switch everytime they do anything on social media. No luck so far, fingers crossed that they'll consider it for the sequel.

I love this game so much and have around hours in it on Steam. Never thought it'd see a random post mentioning it, it would really put a lot of the other survival options to shame. Oh wow such dedication haha. I was on my fourth playthrough cause of the worm update and i just realized how much more i could be playing it if it was on the switch. Similar games to The Forest.

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Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Oho this seems good, might try it out some time.

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Games like the forest reddit

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Games like The Forest