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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Sure it's a slow burn and a little 'grindy', but the animations the few there areare incredible. There's just something about this game I like, hard to say; maybe the graphics, the little peeks we get of the girls, or Rosie's nice phat ass.

Either way, I'm hooked.

lonely girl Stella

I mean its not bad, but after all these updates it went from neat and I will continue to watch it to, ok there is so much freaking content with no reward, not only that its annoying to keep progressing all so you can can just be friends with all the girls and go no where. Like it needs a no sexual content tag or something. I keep watching it, and getting excited every new content patch then see its just more friendzone content. Game is bad. Story is not terrible, but the pacing is ultra bad and annoying. Characters are annoying. THis game is not a slowburner because those kind of games reliy on good stories and characters.

This is simply a blueballing festival.

gorgeous asian Julissa

This game has an average rating of 2. Pretty crappy, right? However, it has nearly 70 reviews and is heading for s of comments. Possibly Caizer is 'milking' his patrons, but he seems to be able to retain them in spite of his slow progress. Criticism appears to be divided between those who don't mind a 'slow burn' and those whose hearts' desire reference intended is instant fappability. I'm with the former. The graphics are not 'real' but nevertheless appealling.

The plot is more a series of loosely connected events than a logical serial, but it doesn't fail. The problem-solving is irritating, but addictive. On my fairly powerful, but not spectacular Linux machine I have had no problems with happy summer f95 or crashes The slow 'milker' appears to have found a working formula, if not a roaring success, and I wish him well. I love the images and the couple animations there are, I remember trying this game some time ago. So long ago that I don't even remember when I did, just played through it some again and there's no sex in it yet?

Come on with the sexy time stuff man! This is for version 3. The game is interesting, irls are hot, of course it may be subjective, but i think the way tey are they are pretty hot. Animations are quite good, at least the ones that the dev decided to make an actual effort on. POV Pussy licking is cheap. It obviously easier to animate a sinlge tonggue following camera direction in a closeup shot, that animating 2 full characters.

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Its lazy as fuck, so lazy that even i could do that. From the techinal aspect animations are good, but i dont know if animations represent hot "sex" scenes. Fors tarters in. If you are a virgin you may pay 10 dollars to get a blowjob and tell your friends you happy summer f95 sex, but sorry, that is not sex. The game is divided in events, but those vents are way to obivous that are events, dev didnt make the effort of creating some sort of thread or timeline in dialogues that reflected the state of things.

IT is one of those sandbox where you grind stats until you unlock scenes, and you still find girls in their rooms and conversations havent changed since the beggining of the game. For insctacne Rosie outside of the room has adialogue where she is telling that she began writing, but inside the room she is still blocked and hasnt started.

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This is how it is and makes theevents feel like that, events, random scenes that dont affect anything. Rosie fixed events in bathroom, TV and shower dont change much since level 2, i would say they dont change happy summer f95. This game is not new, but dont have much, and still no sex, cause every girls sees sex the same way. IM guessing next update there is gonna be a boobjob, there is alaready handjob,blowjob, footjob, so its next, obviously. Good first 20 minutes, unless you uncompress images folder and check actual content, that may kill your expectations quick. I give 2 stars cause girls are hot.

There is not much writing, MC is an adult that behaves like a virgin and whose decisions go against player needs most of the time, so there is nothing to celebrate. He may peek times and still act like he doesnt want to, even run when he is asked to come inside. Absolutely retarded writing. Nothing to celebrate. The good is clearly the girls, and the cloth system. Too much grind and too much retardation, doesnt pay off without actual sex.

Looking forward to some more updates. A great game, probably one of the best 5 games ever for me. The graphic are amazing. I cannot believe the quality of this game, and the girls are beautiful made. The story is amazing and unfold as it would in real life.

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I am tired of games that on the second day you have f cked the whole family. The bad comment are for the small but montly update and that after 2 years the game doesnt have sex Love models used for this game they look so good and animations with renders are gorgeous, on a sad note there's not much of content, little too much of a grind and sometimes I can't even tell what to do next, like "am I done wit all the content" and etc.

Pretty grindy for not much payoff even after all these updates. The art and animation is nice but at this point still pretty underwhelming. The story is also pretty decent. Has potential with enough time just going to be a really long time at the rate its going. I think game will be "abandoned". It's no way that game with already 2 YEARS of "development" has like "nothing" in general to play for it's basis as it were described. With such slow rate of the game developing it needs happy summer f95 years to be released.

The story? It's average normal story of like most of the games with such genre. It does not has it's raisin to get excited. The graphics? It's decent for games like this and it's "soft" happy summer f95 the eyes. The time for development of the updates is insane and updates brings like "nothing" basically, just some animations and some minor things that do nothing and does not even make some of the story for the characters or the MC itself. That's all. Cause game has nothing good or bad in it's general for now besides Above. Everything else is not having it's own resin to grab players.

It's just average game with some of the story, long development "plans" which is giving doubts of the game ever come out and good graphical assets. Maybe it will become complete game in the long future, which is I also doubt cause I have my experience looking after it's development.

But I am surely has enough of seeing that it stands in the same place and not even progressing into at least decent game with at least decent story. But it will surely be some "miracle" as I could think about it to see the game come out with its style.

Happy summer f95

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