Latex dungeon game

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You play as Raven, a heroine trying to help the people in need. You fight monster, lose and get rap, win and you get exp. It has an Advance version with some bug, balance, and translation fixes which is the version the maintainer of this wiki has been playing and a Reboot that is being frequently updated unlike the version Advance is a mod of. You play as Raven as she rescues girls from her village who have been captured by the latex monsters and encapsulated.

You fight against them to free them from their latex versions, and are rewarded with a Maiden and various items healing and other when you win the fight. PC Microsoft Windows. IndieRPG. I stopped playing after roughly an hour.

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Ugly map de. No ingame options menu. Terribly inconsistent art style. Game mechanics go haywire. Run of the mill RPG Maker gameplay consisting of avoiding enemies and your typical turn battles. Balancing is non-existent. Certain enemy encounters can waste minutes of your time and potentially softlock you stunlock… while you and your enemy take turns dealing 0 damage to one another. Related to the point: no running from battles. Losing a battle is inconsistent and can cause anything to happen.

Placeholder content. Player sprites bugging out after transformations. The little to no plot is mostly nonsensical, entirely missable and in shambles. No explanation of any game mechanic. Transformation mechanic is terribly executed. The writing is bad and some of the text is still in Japanese? You must log in to post a comment.

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Latex Dungeon by zxc on Latex Dungeon Game Story. Latex Dungeon. Can I run Latex Dungeon?

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View Latex Dungeon system requirements. Platforms PC Microsoft Windows. Related URL patreon. Developers zxc. Publishers zxc. Genres IndieRPG. Languages English. ESRB Age rating. PEGI Age rating. Editor Rating. User Rating. Rate Here. What's your reaction?

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Game Database. This Game has no review yet, please come back later This Game has no news yet, please come back later This Game has no walkthrough yet, please come back later Score 6. Here are flaws I noticed with this game in that time: Ugly map de. Log in to Reply.

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Latex dungeon game

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Latex Dungeon – New Version