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Log in with itch. So, the guide mentions a scene where Rhot DP the player character with someone else. How do I find it? Can i transfer the save files from pc to android? I've been playing on my pc since there wasn't even an android version so it would be a pain to restart all the progress. Hello, sorry for the question in truth I feel silly asking but by accident I agreed to do the tutorial and after talking with bernard after making the healing potions that I do later, no more options appear.

I like Bareshade improvements, involving other characters in the fair, Rhot is such a cheater! And Feliar is still mysterious to me, lustful desires game could go search his house when is empty and find out what he is hiding, I like finding a job too for our 2 side characters and a more intimate approach with them, take your time Hyao with writing. With each update, we are closer to Northcrest and Orc village where we can show all our skills as a "herbalist".

I know it's too early, because the 0. On his patreon exists, but I can't buy it, so I need to wait and I don't know how much. Umn i know its selfish but can you give me another save game for female character please? I have change new device and forgot to save my save game so pleaseeeee. You can ignore this post. Im having a feeling that there will be a selection of who ever you will save in the upcoming quest for the lizardfolk, maybe?

Anyone know how to get hearts for Bernard? I'm at 52 like points with him and still no luck. Thank you both so much, seems like I'll have to replay the beginning but its for the content!!!! Would it be possible to get an option in the settings to change lustful desires game clock to a hour format. I know it probably doesn't seem like a big deal but it would be nice to not have to take a couple seconds to convert it every time I look to see what time it is lol.

So I have a quick question does anyone know how to save both Logan and Bernard during the Full Moon quest? I have already given Bernard his cure but I also see that for Logan part he has two more days left before he changes, so I wanted to know if it was possible to give him the other cure before he turned into a werewolf? Yeah I think that there should be some info in the quest log?

It splits depending on who you save but it should have a hint on how to save Logan too.

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You need to build the workshop to craft them. After that it is easy, berries and angel's leaf. I also want to know that. It is supposed to appaer after you finish a quest in the lizards' temple. The only requirement for the first nightmare is that rhot likes a certain amount.

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It's either 21 or 41, it should be in one of the update notes. Has someone made it through Northcrest? Or is there a way to convince the gaurds to let you in? Cuz the merchant and Gunnar are no use. The lustful desires game with Tank depends on how you resolved the encounter with him - you only get one scene type per playthrough with him in the Fishing Village. For a different scene, you'd have to start over and respond to him differently when encountering him. Sorry to bother, but where exactly can you find werewolf Bernard if you lie to him?

Also does anyone know where to find the fishing village? And the fishing village can be found near Northcrest - you unlock both of these very late in the story, so you may have to do more with the bandits and other plots before it opens up. Other than him saying "I vaguely remember someone" I don't think it will yet. Might sometime in the future but no for now.

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It's been mentioned before, but how do u transfer android save data to pc? Just a he up, in the section where you're supposed to be getting volunteers to act as watchman it mentions a guy who isn't causing any "rucksack," where I'm pretty sure you meant to say "ruckus. Do you know any other games like this one?

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I mean: bara, free to download, you can wait for updates, and most important, for Android. Somehow it sounds utopic:. I think. At least I can't train during the morning with the Rho's friend I forget his name and the red lizard. But this is late in the game after save the tribe. Hello, i'm playing in android. Can i ask why i don't have any audio coming out?

It doesn't has any sound at all.

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Can anyone help me. Hello to you too. On android as elsewhere, it is normal that there is no sound. This is not a bug.

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There is no sound yet. I don't know if this is planned. Personally I add soft music by myself to fully enjoy the "depth" of each moment. Yeah, that sounds weird now that I'm writing it. What would you listen to if you are with a naked girl or a mean boy "hmmm" in your room? Hyao nedd perhaps your advice about it : It can be more complicated to listen an ambient music with a phone anywhere outside, but listen to the soundtrack of "endless bounty" on steam The piano version of the titlescreen music is very cool.

I'm not sure that was timed. This game is still in construction i suppose. But from my gaming experience, you have at least thirty hours in front of you, if not double and again.

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Is there a way to get in Northcrest? I messed up with the guards at the entry and also I asked the merchant and his guard but still no. Do i have to start all over again every update? As far as I know as long as it's from I updated from Unless hyao makes another massive update to the graphics you shouldn't have to restart.

Hello Aiodos. I'm wondering if Hyao is thinking the same sorry for my bad english! The version 22 is not here yet, or you're talking about a version beta. Is the version beta a very stable version? Are you completely testing Lustful Desires in v. I am so broke that i can even have one dollar, first i am not an american and second i am still in school soooo.

I m feeling like a girl in love It's not a beta, 0. Itch offers one earlier version for free 0. When Hyao finishes 0. Possible but it's noticed "ongoing" on one so i'm not sure what to think about it. I'm dreaming of werewolves when i'm sleeping I don't know what happened Have i the same trouble than all characters in this game? How can I find Xer? Also in the patch it is said that you can visite Xer's hideout while naked after a week passed in game.

But where exactly? And if it matter that it passed more than a week, I passed day :. Alright so xer is found after saving Roushk lustful desires game the corrupted lake, he ambushes you when you go after an egg "saying I've got lustful desires game then you talk and he tells you where to find him.

You can only find his place in the underground minimap so you need a light source, plus the naked thing requires you to have met him once before the week countdown starts. Also you don't need to wait a week to visit naked you wait a week to talk about his path, meaning visit naked anytime lol. I love this game SO much!

Lustful desires game

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