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Seriously ive been gone for the better part of a decade and aside from a new avatar as of Feb and this here there hasn't been anything happening here in so long. Either way congratulations, the good news is that I am actually around for the time being and in my spare time Im working on new content. We'll see how long it goes and if I get far enough to release anything. View Gallery. This user has no submissions. View Favorites. Winter's Snowflakes - Nice by avinzfaved: 3 years ago. View List Watched by View List Watching Views: Submissions: Favs: Comments Earned: Comments Made: Journals: View Journal 1 Comments.

Planned Release: Feb I left this here over half a decade ago so everyone would ignore it and eventually when I got around to things I would start adding to it. So Im doing things again. Im not going to announce it for about 12 months after this update and thats if all goes well. So you can expect a lot of words to be missing, generally at the start of a sentence and grammar wont the penthouse furry game be correct. Its different but shouldnt effect too many things. Who knows at this point.

gorgeous wife Sky

All I know is that im going to go back to frame by frame. Ive got a decent drawing tablet and less than 1 week in Ive fully drawn out an animation. Probably Lumina. The way its looking now I can the penthouse furry game spend 1 night drawing the keyframes, the second filling in the rest of the frames, the third working on additional animated parts such as tails. I haven't got further yet but I think colouring wont take more than a day by itself.

Minor programing and modifications and when its all done I might be able to bust out an animation a week. Ill give myself a conservative target of about 30 to get started, 3 per character 10 characters. Im liking moving back to the FbF style. Im going to keep it somewhat messy but I think Im happy with the way its turning out.

Its a nice change from the old style. Hopfully I can keep myself happy with it and not end up in the endless cycle of needing to go back when I decide things need to be a higher quality again. The second one is at a similar spot as the first one and I'm having some second thoughts about how im doing this. Its looking like a 3 set animation will take about a month to complete with each animation being drawn and animated each week with the final week being for completing them. That's just an estimate through because I haven't done that final part.

This is all working with limited hours of about 2 hours per day. We'll see how it goes when I get more time. I am having some minor issues with the boob movements with this style and some minor inconsistencies because I had the wrong brush on Monday. We'll see what happens next week. Things have been different this week. So I started off by not working on anything until Thursday night. Then decided to redo the second animation rather than start the third because it had some issues I wasn't happy with.

passion whore Kimberly

I tried a new style but went back to the original style and spent the next few days redoing it off the initial 3 keyframes. It looks a lot better so I think I'm going to settle on this way of doing things from this point.

So animation 1 will need to be redone next week but I think I'm going to see this one through to the end then jump on animation 1 and finish that off.

dirty gal Rosie

So all up I'll be about a week behind but hopefully I can catch up. I threw up a discord link on my profile but I'm not announcing it. My is dead so I'm not expecting anyone to it. I may consider streaming on it at a later date. I've had some ideas about how I'm going to implement things and I'm not sure which way to go. Im leaning towards making everything about a 2 minute series of animations rather than the options mode. We'll see how it goes when I get to that point. Right now I need to modify the forehead and background hair so I can look into colouring.

I'm thinking at the moment it wont take all that long to colour it maybe a few hours since most of the hard work has been done already so maybe tomorrow night. I ended up pushing through a decent amount of work over the weekend and a little on Monday. I don't like the way I setup to colour the animation so I'm re-evaluating how im going to do things moving forward.

With this one I still need to fill in the male and re-draw the hair. Overall its alright. Probably not as good as the stuff that I'd finished about 6 years ago but its different and I like the quality for the amount of effort that goes into it. Just realizing that I created an to sketch shit and I've already forgotten any detail associated with it. I think tonight is the first night that I've actually sat down and done the penthouse furry game decent chunk of work so I haven't been as productive as I would have liked.

It's been a mixture of a lot going on that I needed to take care of on top of my first week off in months. Back to working days on Monday and ive got some work to do tomorrow so time is going to be limited for the next few weeks. I putting things back in place that should helped me stay in rhythm before so we'll see how they go. It worked okay tonight. Ideally I was expecting to have a series of 3 animations completed at this point but as it currently stands I'm half way done on two of them and still figuring out the details.

The positive of this is that in the future I will be able to get things out faster so I should be able to catch up. We'll see where I'm at in a weeks time. At about lunch I found some things out the penthouse furry game make it a lot easier. Unfortunately it also means that I needed to go back to just after the sketching stage was done to use it correctly.

It should be for the best though. It'll be interesting to see it. I should have this finished tonight! Getting back to work today. I should be able to finish this animation off today as long as the kids don't need too much help with work during the school day. Ill probably add to this in a few hours when I see what I get done. At this point im not going to worry about backgrounds so I dont have much left.

Alright so animations done but im thinking of changing a few things moving forward now that ive got things going.

beautiful floozy Selah

It should be interesting at the very least to see how the next one goes now that ive got a better feel for things. Because of this im probably going to move animation 1 off to be its own thing that I may redo. Ill probably start on a new one tonight. Until then Im going to take a break for the next few the penthouse furry game to work on things for the kids and stuff. I might have another update for today if things go smooth when I start up again tonight.

Finishing up, I got the first frame sketched and decided that it wasn't fitting for character 1 so I decided to move on to character 2 for this one. Looking at it now I think I want to rework a lot of it so Ill refine it tomorrow and then hopefully get the next key frames sketched now that I have a base to work off. I think This one will be fairly quick so we'll see where Im at with it next week. Ive got a few minutes free so im gonna go play some monster hunter or do a day in SoS. The new animation looks pretty good and I think im going to pivot to that style moving forward but but every time I attempt to move it around parts of it glitch and disappear.

I'm mostly done with it but I've wasted all day trying to resolve this issue and I've made no progress.

pretty personals Winter

Edit: Animate Still getting used to that. I'm probably going to call it flash for a while. Its after midnight technically the 11th but after spending a day working on it I figured out a fix. Im not thrilled about it since its a time consuming mess but it works.

I dont know how I'll feel about this one when its finished but i really love the way these boobs have turned out. Its almost hypnotic. I haven't really done anything with the discord so I'll throw part of it up there. The quality has been messed up from going between a bunch of formats to get it up but its fine for a preview thing.

The penthouse furry game

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